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All thoughts of war and personal struggle melted away as Chao Chen entered the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The corridor was crowded with German-speaking students on their way to and from class … She couldn’t gure out where Professor Wittenberg’s practice studio was located. She felt a wave of panic wash over her. She didn’t know which way to turn and stood paralyzed as students rushed past her.

She dug into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper on which she had written Professor Wittenberg’s name and the room number. A handsome young man carrying a violin case approached Chao Chen. He asked in English, “Can I help you? You look lost.”

Chao Chen recognized the young man as Walter Kolber. She handed him her note and replied in English: “I am looking for Professor Wittenberg’s studio, number one hundred ten.”

“Follow me. You are Fräulein Chao Chen, I believe?”
“We have met before.” He bowed. “You are even prettier than I remember.

My lucky day!”
Chao Chen was not used to receiving compliments from a young man,

especially one as handsome as Walter Kolber. She felt oddly attracted as she looked into his mischievous brown eyes. “If you’re as good a violinist as you are a irt, it will be my lucky day too.”

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