Book Details Family’s Harrowing Shoah-Era Journey

by Debra Rubin

"When a man walked into the offices of The Jewish News in 1981 to place a personal ad, no one knew that the content of that ad was part of a family saga spanning decades and continents and involving a desperate flight from Nazi-occupied Europe, a “forbidden romance,” and, ultimately, the reuniting of far-flung siblings..."

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A Story of WWII Love, Refugee Life, and Escape (with Help from HIAS)

by Sharon Samber

"Everyone has a story, the saying goes. But some people’s stories not only explain their own family’s history, but function as a universal kind of storytelling. You read their story and you understand the world, and maybe even your own life story, in a different way..."

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The Kolber Family's Freedom Flight

by Rick Geffken

"Most of the flights to freedom that Eastern European Jews took during World War II went through France to England, or perhaps Switzerland to the United States. Not so for the Kolber family’s incredible journey. Josef Kolber and his wife Eve fled west from Austria in 1938 and eventually settled in Shanghai, China after taking separate and hazardous routes..."

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