A True Story of Family Love, Betrayal and Perseverance

"Everyone is aware of the horrors of the Holocaust... One little known fact is the tens of thousands who fled to China, mostly Shanghai....A must read for anyone who has had family or ancestors traumatically affected by historical events."
- SteveFL

A Fantastic Read!!

Page Turner!

A Must Read for History Buffs

Strong Descriptive Historical Background Propels This Family Story

A Riveting Story

... It's a saga of resilience, love, betrayal, survival, and -- eventually -- restoration, and new beginnings. Characters are real and what they endure is both gut wrenching, and triumphant...

-Laverne H. Bardy, Author and Syndicated Columnist

Great "Page Turner"

Brought Together by War, Torn Apart by Selfishness

Incredibly Entertaining!

...I had to strategically plan when to read this book because it’s so easy to get sucked in and I just wouldn’t want to put it down. The fact that this book is based on events that actually happened makes the treatment they experienced and situations they went through all the more real. It’s so hard to believe the treatment so many Jewish people went through during WWII. It is just heartbreaking. I’m so glad that they all made an incredible life out of the terrible hand of cards they were dealt...