A True Story of Family Love, Betrayal and Perseverance

"Everyone is aware of the horrors of the Holocaust... One little known fact is the tens of thousands who fled to China, mostly Shanghai....A must read for anyone who has had family or ancestors traumatically affected by historical events."

- SteveFL


"This was a book that I didn't want to put down! It taught me so much history about the Jews who fled to Shanghai from persecution by the Nazis in Europe during World War II. I knew quite a bit of the history of the Nazi terror during the war but I was intrigued to learn about Japanese treatment of the Chinese during the war and even the presence of Nazis in China. I recommend this book without reservation!"

-Sherry K


"Thrown Upon the World is a great read, and I “highly” recommend this book. To illustrate what a “page turner” this is, I had purchased the book with the intention of reading on an upcoming trip. However, prior to the trip, I decided to “open” the book, peeking and then reading the first few pages...and then one page quickly led to one chapter...and then another...just couldn’t put it down! And there’s really “something for everyone!"


Brought Together by War, Torn Apart by Selfishness

"...I highly recommend Thrown Upon the World. It was a wonderful and historical read. Although it is a longer novel, it is so full of details about the the times during the war that it is easy to picture oneself there and in that moment. A true gift from the authors. As the book is written by two of Chao Chen & Walter's sons, we get an inside look at what their life was like, the sadness, horror, and the glimpse of joy that they saw in their mother..."


a spellbinding epic story

"Thrown Upon the World is an amazing family saga spanning multiple continents and a World War. Few family stories read like a history book or an epic film, but this is one of them. Following the family's origins as European Jews who fled to Shanghai in the 1930s and lived out the war years there before coming to America after. Meticulously researched and richly rendered, this is a great read for fans of world history and family drama."

-David Jedeiken


"... It's a saga of resilience, love, betrayal, survival, and -- eventually -- restoration, and new beginnings. Characters are real and what they endure is both gut wrenching, and triumphant..."

-Laverne H. Bardy, Author and Syndicated Columnist


"...I simply couldn't put it down! Written in an easy absorbing style, the reader is drawn very quickly into the trials and tribulations of the authors' grandparents' lives in one of the most turbulent times of the 20th century...."

-Stephen Waxman

Strong Descriptive Historical Background Propels This Family Story

"...What eventually transpires tells the story of what happened to someone who strove to make a better world for herself and her children while faced with insurmountable odds. It would be difficult to read this entire book without experiencing an emotional effect..."

-Dee Arr

Page Turner!

"Fascinating account of two families persecuted by different societies. One of the more interesting facets of this book, and there are many, is the cruelty that the Kolber family faced from people who were once their peers. This book illustrates a human side of the Holocaust which you will not get in most historical accounts..."

-Amazon Customer

Incredibly Entertaining!

"...I had to strategically plan when to read this book because it’s so easy to get sucked in and I just wouldn’t want to put it down. The fact that this book is based on events that actually happened makes the treatment they experienced and situations they went through all the more real. It’s so hard to believe the treatment so many Jewish people went through during WWII. It is just heartbreaking. I’m so glad that they all made an incredible life out of the terrible hand of cards they were dealt..."