Thrown Upon the World tells a bitter truth that vividly depicts the damage inflicted on those forced into exile. The harshest truth of all is that not all who survived were ennobled by their suffering. Some were destroyed by it, and some destroyed others because of it.”

—Michael Berenbaum who is the Professor of Jewish Studies at the American Jewish University, authored 18 books including The World Must Know and A Promise to Remember.

Usually when a story of this nature intersects my search...

Usually when a story of this nature intersects my search for the next book to read, it is jammed with everything family members consider to be important. While I have no doubt these events are important to those in the family tree, they are boring to strangers who are seeking more than a literary diversion to everyday life.

-Amazon Top Reviewer Dee Arr

This account of Holocaust survivors, presents a graphic picture of the horrors, Perpetrated by the Nazis. It is also a poignant history of one families trials and travails coping with the horrific events surrounding the rise and fall of the Nazis . I thoroughly enjoyed reading this true story."
- Amazon Customer

"In this compelling memoir...

the author shares a family saga of forbidden love, cultural divides, a broken family, betrayal, depression, and so much more, all wrapped up in the life of a Chinese woman and her duplicitous husband. It’s a riveting read that will tug on readers’ heartstrings while bringing the historical era to life." 

"The writing is personal, emotional, and straightforward as the author shares a page-turning story. The writing is powerful, and the dialogue narrative balance aptly helps maintain the pacing. While the story is long, it’s an engaging read that captures the historical period with visual acuity."

-Archway Editor

Reviewers Choice

Designated its “Reviewers Choice”,  Thrown Upon The World tops the list of the prestigious Midwest Book Review for November. Their critique “An incredible and simply fascinating account, ‘Thrown Upon the World’ is one of those real life tales the stuff of which block-buster television mini-series are made. A simply riveting and memorable read from beginning to end, ‘Thrown Upon the World’ will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community and academic library collections.”  More information can be found on their website.

San Francisco Review of Books 

"This richly written book is a true story about many of the side effects of WW II – the Nazi anti-Semitism, the flight of Jews to places of safety – Shanghai in this story, and the miscegenation resulting from loves cast on a sea of insecurity, and more and more."

- Grady Harp for the San Francisco Review of Books

"Everyone is aware of the horrors of The Holocaust... One little known fact is the tens of thousands who fled to China, mostly Shanghai....A must read for anyone who has had family or ancestors traumatically affected by historical events."
- SteveFL
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This true family saga of war and betrayal is both epic and intimate, pulsing with unforgettable characters caught in the tumult of history. Impossible to put down, it is deeply moving, answering heartbreak with healing through the sheer power of storytelling. What more can be asked of a book?

—Nicole Mones
Author of Night in Shanghai, Lost in Translation and The Last Chinese Chef